The Mantis and the Moon EP

The Mantis and the Moon, a five song EP produced by Ben Shive (Andrew Peterson, Colony House, Sarah Groves), can be purchased at The Rabbit Room, iTunes, and Amazon.

“With intriguing acoustic instrumentation, dreamy storybook lyrics, and poignant takeaways, Mantis may be the most effective Nashville singer-songwriter EP in years.” (5/5 Stars)  CCM Magazine, September 2013.

“In this day and age, it’s a nice feeling to be able to see the heart in a project. Truly get behind it without qualms, with a belief that the artist’s aim is true. Kind of like finding a modest, dust covered book in the library shelf only to open up a world of hidden treasure. ” Holly Etchison, The Blue Indian

“Fascinating music, songs, production.”- Andrew Peterson, Songwriter/Author

“A truly superb example of musical storytelling, The Mantis and the Moon is full of solid songwriting and lilting melodies to delight the listener throughout the entire project”(34). -Shawn McClaughlin, Christian Musician Magazine

“The finest of pleasures for music fans combing through the independent ranks is stumbling upon that hidden gem. Chris Slaten, the man behind Son of Laughter, offers an undiscovered treasure this summer with the sweet yet substantive melodies on his new EP, The Mantis and the Moon. ”  -Matt Conner, CCM Magazine Interview

“It is an album that has integrity in musicality and in message. Its underlying joy is infectious, and its themes grounded yet hopeful. I greatly look forward to Son of Laughter’s next outing after this.” Philosophy Over Coffee

“This CD is a wise reminder about the virtues of contentment and the hidden blessings all around us.” Scott Kohler, Gentle Shepard Community Church

“Slaten has a gift for writing songs which are evocative, joyful, layered, and beautiful. I highly recommend this artist.” Thoughts, Prayers, and Songs

“You’ll love this EP. Go out and find it.”  A Revolting Christian

“It’s hard for me to hear “The Mantis” and resist pushing repeat; that’s high praise from over here.” Independent Clauses

“I loved it immediately. It sounded like a sweet mix of Paul Simon and Josh Ritter. When I got home, I left it in the car on purpose so it would ambush Jennifer the next time she went for a spin. When she came home later, she got out of the car demanding to know the name of the gorgeous CD and who it was. She too had fallen head over heels for it.” – Pete Peterson, The Rabbit Room

“This refreshing, joyful, gentle river acoustic sound will leave you wanting more just as it has left me.”  Eric Dye, ChurchMag

“Bright, positive vocals, catchy melodies, luscious strings…” Mississippi Mixing

Though I mostly tour as a one man show, this project owes much to the community of artists who collaborated on the recording, which is another reason that I felt a need for a name beyond my own.  Without the mad scientist, virtuoso production wizardry of multi-instrumentalist Ben Shive, the fullness of these songs would have remained dormant in my imagination and been carried with me to the grave;  he translated my most abstract ideas into tangible, musical form.   Ben also provided inspiration, vision, and direction to the following artists that contributed to the The Mantis and the Moon.  Click on the names to find out more about their amazing work:

Ben Shive

Melanie Penn

Matt Brown

Esther Ellis

Paul Eckberg

James Gregory

Nathan Shirai

Eric Parker

Alex Walker

Ben Hart




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