No Story is Over


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“I’m not sure I know a songwriter with greater attention to detail than Chris Slaten, a.k.a. Son of Laughter. The new release is just plain beautiful.” – Arthur Alligood, singer-songwriter, national winner of NPR’s Mountain Stage NewSong contest

“I admire Chris Slaten for so many things, not the least of which is his immaculate beard. But I love his music even more. His guitar parts are wonderfully inventive, his Paul Simon-esque voice soars, and his lyrics are as whimsical as they are literate. Any release of a new Son of Laughter record is cause for celebration.” – Andrew Peterson, singer-songwriter, author of The Wingfeather Saga

“With one of the friendliest singing voices I’ve ever heard, Chris Slaten delivers a thoughtful collection of songs in No Story is Over, combining rich theology with a light hearted sound. I will have ‘The Meal We Could Not Make’ on repeat forever and am basically a Son of Laughter fan for life.” Emily P. Freeman, WSJ bestselling author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways.

“When we first heard Son of Laughter’s music, an album repeat festival promptly began in our car, lasting for weeks. If you haven’t heard this music, you need to.” Dave Radford of The Grey Havens

“His music has a unique ability to enchant and transform. Like the best of the metaphysical poets, Chris crashes unexpected elements together—perhaps a transcendent, ethereal sound with grounded imagery—perhaps a simple children’s story told powerfully enough to revive a road-weary adult.

Meanwhile, Chris confesses his longings and his weaknesses so honestly, it’s impossible to hear his music and remain disengaged. He creates a space in which we are likely realize something broken inside us, but also where we also have a friend willing to say, “Me too!” In particular, No Story is Over seems to help the discouraged heart stay focused in confusing times. He helps me identify what I need to confess, what I need to believe, where I need to abide.

The most convicting song for me on the record might be “Voting Day” because it shows me how I continually place too much trust in single days of political movement and too little focus on the choices I make daily. But even as I see a misappropriation of my own values through this song, Chris rushes in through subsequent tracks to remind me that “No Story is Over” because I can always begin anew as a loved child of an attentive Father.

I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to recommend Chris Slaten’s record to you. He’s made us a good work, full of  truth and beauty.  Here are songs you will reference for the rest of your life because they will become pillars of our conversations and dots on our horizons.”

Rebecca K. Reynolds, writer at

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