See “Partington Cove”

Back in 2009, Lyndsay and I took a trip out west that inspired the first song written for The Mantis and The Moon. Recently I pieced together some of the footage of our journey so that we could share with you some of the experience. I’ve also written a much more in-depth meditation on the Rabbit Room. Enjoy!

We are really excited to announce we will be heading back out West in June to share the songs from The Mantis and The Moon and the newest recording project with houses, churches and coffee shops in California, Colorado, and stops along the way.  I’ll post the tour schedule once it is ready, but if you know someone who might be interested in hosting or organizing a show, contact me at and encourage them to check out the “shows” page.

One more (belated) announcement: I am realizing that I never posted about the newest Son of Laughter single “Little Sheep” that was released on Noisetrade for free! You can also read more about that song here at The Rabbit Room.

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