News from The Rabbit Room

Rabbit Room

The Rabbit Room has invited me, along with a whole new wave of artists and writers, to become an official contributor to their online community. You can read about “The New Class” of Rabbit Room writers here.

The Rabbit Room is meant to be the digital, mostly-American cousin of the room in the back of the Eagle and Child pub where the Inklings, a literary discussion group led by writers such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams, would meet to share their works in progress. While I can’t think of too many times the website has been used as a place to read unfinished works, it has, like the original Rabbit Room, become a place for connecting independent artists and inspiring discussions exploring “the intersection of art and faith”. I have followed it since its beginnings, and it has been a regular source of spiritual and creative inspiration for me for at least seven years.

This past fall I had the opportunity to be a guest at Hutchmoot, the yearly gathering in Nashville, for an invaluable long weekend of delectable feasting, literature discussions, singing, life affirming lectures on our creative vocations, author readings (Leif Enger!), Shakespearean Star Wars re-enactments, communal art projects, improvised song writing, and refreshing conversations. I can’t think of any other website that has affected me so personally, and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to step up my own involvement there.

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