Melanie Penn

One of my goals for this blog is to let you know more about the people that helped to bring this EP to life.

 Melanie Penn has the honor of being the only artist, outside of Bob Boyd who mastered the EP, that did not have to go through the trouble of working in the same room with Ben and me. Though I am a total stranger and an unknown artist, she was gracious enough to collaborate on “Partington Cove”, recording and sending her harmonies via e-mail from New York. What she came up with was beautiful and haunting; Ben was obviously inspired, because he then sampled her voice and subtly spun it into a ghostly breath at a key moment in the song. Listen for it.

Like me, Melanie is also in the in the thick of joyfully pursuing two careers. Currently, she is in the middle of a summer tour while continuing to work from the road for City to City, a ministry based in New York.

She is preparing to release her second full-length album, Hope Tonight, also produced by Ben Shive. Here is the first track:

You can buy her excellent debut record here in The Rabbit Room store.

You can hear her harmonies on “Partington Cove” by purchasing The Mantis and the Moon EP at The Rabbit Room, Amazon, or iTunes.

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